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Hi Friends!

I hope you’re all enjoying the early arrival of summer as much as I am! (ok other than the no water thing…)
So wedding season has kicked off with a bang and I am happy to find that the bohemian style wedding dress is still super popular! This of course makes perfect sense, as there is really nothing more Cape Town than the boho style of wedding dress.

For this reason, I thought I’d give you a little bit of inspiration from my past work and share some more information about the boho bridal styling.

What is a bohemian wedding dress?

Boho bridal wear is generally thought of as 1970’s inspired, hippie style dresses. This is marked by the use of loose, flowing fabrics, light dresses that skim the skin and often the use of a great deal of lace. The style rarely uses anything blingy and beadwork is kept to a minimum or is gypsey-esque in design. The use of chans can be popular, but generally the beadwork will be more organic than shiny.
Bohemian doesn’t necessarily mean cheap, as the style often uses a variety of different fabrics mixed together and layered textured lace.

Are you the right fit for a bohemian wedding dress?

I think you should be able to answer this question yourself, but if not, then this is the vibe: Boho brides are generally those who don’t feel the pressure to conform to societal norms. You’re free spirited and fun loving. You want to be comfortable on your wedding day, if you want to dance and have fun, then the boho dress is for you!

Does my wedding venue suit the bohemian style wedding dress?

Most venues in Cape Town are well suited to the boho style wedding but if you have an evening wedding or a very formal siore then perhaps think twice.
Beach weddings, farm style weddings and, (as is very popular at the moment), forest weddings all suit the bohemian wedding perfectly. Basically, if you’re out in nature, this is going to be perfect for you!

How do I accessorize my boho bridal look?

In terms of accessories, your best choice is to keep it natural. Hold back on the bling and rather than a very sparkly headpiece, choose a flower crown, or some fine natural flowers pinned in your hair. Contemporary or handmade jewelry will suit best, and most boho brides opt for flat shoes, sandals, or even barefoot sandals. Leather sandals work beautifully, but whatever it is, keep it natural.