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As a wedding dress designer based in Cape Town, South Africa, the following information is what I have experienced from my bridal inquiries over the past season. Note that trends do change fairly often and official trends that originate on the international runways usually take a while to get to South Africa. Also, we have our own unique aesthetic here in South Africa and in Cape Town a large amount of weddings are quite informal. With all that being said, here is my take on the trends that were prominent:

Minimalist Wedding Dresses:

Clean lines, simple silhouettes, and minimalist designs were gaining popularity. These dresses often feature sleek fabrics like satin or crepe and focus on elegant simplicity rather than elaborate embellishments. I have found simple draped wedding dresses to be super popular and some brides have included statement details such as large bow’s to add that wow factor. For more examples, browse our gallery here:

simple wedding gown cape town
minimal silk wedding gown cape town

Bohemian Bridal Styles:

rustic wedding dress cape town

Flowy, ethereal dresses with lace details, soft tulle skirts, and floral embroideries were favored by brides looking for a romantic and relaxed vibe. These dresses often include off-the-shoulder or illusion necklines. The boho or rustic style wedding is very popular in Cape Town as we have such beautiful nature. This style is also perfectly in line with brides who get married at one of our many beach wedding venues.

Browse our bohemian wedding dresses:

bohemian wedding gowns cape town

Statement Sleeves:

Dramatic sleeves, such as bishop sleeves, bell sleeves, or puffed sleeves, made a comeback, adding a touch of vintage or bohemian flair to wedding dresses.

Mix-and-Match Bridal Separates:

Brides were opting for separates like skirts and tops or even pantsuits, allowing for a more personalized and unique bridal look. This trend offered versatility and the ability to mix different fabrics and textures.

Browse our reversible bridal separates:

bridal separates cape town

Colored Wedding Dresses:

While white and ivory remained classic choices, some brides were embracing colored wedding dresses, including soft pastels like blush, champagne, or light blue, as well as bolder hues like red or black for more unconventional weddings. At Molteno Couture, we specialize in unusual bridal gowns. For years we have been playing with colours and we love to push the boundaries of tradition.

Browse our colourful wedding dresses:

Blush pink ombre wedding dress Cape Town

Detachable Bridal Details:

Dresses with detachable overskirts, capes, or trains were popular, giving brides the option to change their look from ceremony to reception without needing a separate dress.

Browse our bridal separates:

bridal over skirt cape town

Vintage-Inspired wedding gowns:

Vintage elements such as lace overlays, intricate beading, and retro silhouettes (like tea-length dresses) continued to be sought after by brides looking for a nostalgic touch.

vintage wedding gowns cape town

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Bridal Gowns:

With a growing focus on sustainability, some brides were choosing eco-friendly wedding dresses made from organic or recycled materials, or opting for pre-loved or vintage gowns. Below is a dress we made using the bride’s mother’s wedding gown. We took it apart and then used the lace to make a new wedding dress.

To inquire about having a bridal gown custom made, inquire here:

sustainable wedding dress cape town

These trends provide a snapshot of what was popular in wedding fashion. However, fashion is constantly evolving, so it’s advisable to check with local bridal boutiques or designers for the most current trends in South Africa. Additionally, personal style and individual preferences should always be the guiding factors when choosing a wedding dress.