Molteno Couture

Over the past few years of designing wedding dresses for my Cape Town clients, something I have noticed is that most women are getting married a bit older than in prior generations. In my mom’s generation, it was expected that you get married by your mid 20’s. Today we have no such pressure in most sectors of society. 

I have noticed that, like myself, most women are choosing to prioritize their careers before getting married and starting a family. The relevance of this is that as we get older, most of our bodies change. The skinny bodies of our teens and early 20’s, often transform into a curvier figure as we head into our 30’s and upward. 

New brides, new requirements

As a bridal designer, I have realised that making all of my wedding dresses in a size 6 as the industry suggests, is not helpful for me or for my clients. I have observed that my brides are requiring dresses that give them bust support, cinch in their waists, and ultimately flatter the curvier figure. 

With the above in mind, I finally created my first collection of wedding dresses designed specifically for the plus size bride. 

Minimal is the new lace

In 2022 I have seen a big shift away from fussy dresses and lacey bohemian dresses, and towards the minimalist styling. This range is mainly clean and simple, with emphasis on drapery over lace details.

This is the first of many plus size wedding dresses that I intend to offer, and please note that  almost all of the dresses I make can be made for a plus size brides as each one of my creations is made to order, we may just need to tweak the design slightly to accommodate for bust support and to flatter the fuller figure. 

Keep an eye open ladies, I’ve got you!