Molteno Couture

Hi friends! So after 8 years of working with women, and me myself being one for most of my life, I have learned some universal truths about women’s bodies, and I thought I’d share these insights with you today.

1 – We have completely unrealistic ideas of what our bodies should look like

Friends, we really need to face the facts, those cover models and Instagram influencers don’t look as perfect as their pictures. They manipulate their bodies into flattering poses, use special angles, and outright Photoshop the pictures in order to look that way. We have to stop comparing ourselves to these pictures and then beating ourselves up for not looking like that. NO ONE looks like that, so cut yourself a break OK?

2 – If you’re skinny, you usually have small breasts. If you’re curvy, you’ll likely have large breasts. Accept it!

Bar a very small handful of wonder women who were build with size 6 bums and c-cup breasts, the vast majority of women fall into the above category. Breasts are made mostly from fat, therefore if you’re slim, the chances are your breasts will me small. That’s how we’re designed. Accept it, or get implants (most models/actresses with large breasts have implants). But do know that it’s natural, so stop bashing your poor body for being a normal woman.

3 – As we get older, our waist size WILL expand.

I’m sorry friends, but the truth is that as we approach or reach menopause, we will start to gather fat around our tum. No matter HOW hard you try, your waistline will expand. It’s OK. It’s all a part of growing up and no one else is judging your body as harshly as you are. Let’s try to embrace the new phase of life in which our sense of self is solid, even if our tummy isn’t.

4 – Almost every woman hates their arms.

True story. I’m fairly slim and I HATE my arms. What’s up with that bloody flap flap fat under my arms that just won’t go away no matter how hard I try???? Sigh. Anyway, I feel you. But at least know that you are not alone in this, and again, it’s probably not nearly as bad as we think it is.

5 – As you mature, you will get cellulite. But trust me, men don’t even notice.

Friends, some of us may be luckier than others in this department, but from what I have observed, pretty my all women in their 30’s develop some degree of cellulite. It sucks, I know, but no cream or weird exfoliating scrub is going to take it away. It’s part of being an adult woman, and I promise you this, men usually don’t even notice! (They’re too busy looking at those boobies that you think are too small)

6 – ALL women have stretch marks

Yes my friends, all women has stretch marks somewhere. I developed them on my hips when I hit puberty and was so ashamed, but as I grew up I realised that all women get them. Hey, even some men get them! I’m not aware of anything that will fully take these away, so whether they’re on your hips, thighs, breasts or arms, I think it’s time we accept that it’s a part of a growing body, and love ourselves ANYWAY!

7 – Body dysmorphia is a real thing, and more common that one may think

So here’s a more serious one that I think needs to be discussed. I came across the term body dysmorphia when I was hospitalised for anorexia at the age of 14. Those who know me personally will know that I have battled for the past 21 years with the demon that is an eating disorder, some days are better than others, but every day is a fight to choose recovery over self destruction.

Body dysmorphia refers to the obsession with real or imagined flaws in the body. It means that those who suffer from this are often completely unable to see an accurate reflection of their own body, and usually see it as far bigger and fatter than every other onlooker.

Here’s my observation friends; I don’t think this disorder is in any way exclusive to those with eating disorders. Every day I work with women who are completely obsessed with hiding their tummy/arms/hips and so on lest anyone lay eyes on their hideous body part. But let me tell you this, nine times out of ten no one in the room aside from them can even see the problem!

With the above in mind, I ask you to consider this: next time you’re standing in front of the mirror, chastising yourself for that tummy roll, just consider for a moment that maybe, just maybe, it’s only you that really sees it.

8 – Every single woman has an armpit vagina.

Girls, you know that bit up fat under your arm that creates that little fold? That’s the armpit vagina, and we ALL have one. Accept it and cover it if it really bothers you, but it ain’t going nowhere!

9 – The more pressure you put yourself under to lose weight, often the less effective it is.

Ladies I’m not saying don’t go hit the gym to shed a few unwanted kilo’s, but what I am saying is that the more stressed you make yourself about it, the less likely you are to lose the weight. The stress hormone cortisol causes the body store fat rather than burn it, so you’re self sabotaging by getting overly stressed about it! Instead, find an exercise that you enjoy doing and a diet that is sustainable, and lose what you can.
Well friends, I hope my completely honest look at our bodies helped you to get a more realistic view of your figure and most importantly, inspired you go give yourself a bit of a break or better yet, give that perfect instrument of yours some much needed love!