Molteno Couture

Commonly asked questions answered by a bridal designer

When considering having a wedding dress made, there are several common questions that brides tend to ask. These questions cover various aspects of the process, design, customization, timeline, and more. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions:

  1. How much does a custom wedding dress cost? Brides often want to know the approximate cost of having a wedding dress made. This can vary widely depending on factors like fabric choice, complexity of design, embellishments, and the designer’s expertise. In South Africa, a custom made wedding dress should cost between R20 000 and R85 000 or possibly upwards of this depending on the designer. At Molteno Couture, we tend to charge between R20 000 and R48 000
  2. How far in advance should I start the process? I advise starting to look for your dress up to 1 year in advance and to book your designer 8 months prior. I personally start working on dresses about 6 moths before the wedding.
  3. Can I bring in my own design ideas? I encourage bringing a Pintrest board or collection of designs that you like so that I can get an idea of your taste and inspiration on where to start.
  4. Do you offer a consultation? Yes, we offer a 1 hour consultation during which time you can try on as many of our dresses as you desire and we can discuss having a dress custom made. We will discuss all of the variables and I will sketch up your design and mail it to you with a quote. Consultations are generally charged for to account for my time and expertise.
  5. How many fittings will be required? Understanding the number of fittings needed is important for planning and scheduling. Typically, there are around 4 to 6 fittings, but this can vary.
  6. What fabrics and materials are available? Brides are only limited by what is in the shops. For a custom gown, we will go to the fabric shop together and I will advise you on the best fabric for the gown, but ultimately you will choose your own lace and fabrics.
  7. Can I make changes during the process? Certain small changes are incorporated in the design cost, but large style changes may cause an extra charge to be incurred. Mostly, however, changes will happen during the process and the dress will evolve, this is part of the cost.
  8. How do you ensure the dress fits perfectly? Achieving a perfect fit is crucial. This is why multiple fittings that are budgeted for. One of the main parts of having a dress custom made, is the fittings that ensure the perfect fit.
  9. What is the payment schedule? At Molteno we can structure payments in 2to 4 payments according to your needs.
  10. What is the cancellation or refund policy? Should you have to cancel the gown, you will be charged for the work done, and refunded the rest.
  11. How do I care for and store the dress before the wedding? Keep the dress dry and in the dress bag. Further advice can be given according to the fabrics used.
  12. Can you work with a specific budget? I am able to work with budgets above R20 000 but the bride must understand that different styles require different amounts of work and the fabric costs may vary. They must realize that if they want something truly spectacular and embellished, they may have to pay more for the gown. It’s important to be realistic about what a well made wedding dress costs, and if you want to be sure about looking amazing, you will have to may a decent amount for that.
  13. Do you offer veil and accessory design? I do make veils and garters for my brides should they request it.
  14. What is the process if I’m not satisfied with the final result? At Molteno Couture, your dress is not complete until you are completely satisfied. There have been times when we have had to be many fittings to get everything just right, but that’s what I am committed to, you satisfaction is 100% guarantied,
  15. How do I transport the dress to the wedding venue? I will give you a dress bag for your gown. I advise lying your dress flat in the car so as not to crease it too much. The wedding venue should have a steamer for you to use but if not, I advise bringing your own steamer to get out any last wrinkles. You can buy a cheap hand held teamer on Takealot or Amazon.