Are you shopping for a Matric Dance dress, but feeling overwhelmed with the large amount of choices out there, and don’t know where to start or what to expect in terms of pricing?

Although we all want to look our best, not everyone has the same budget. The good news is, no matter what your budget is, this guide will help you make the best choice!

Finding your perfect Matric Dance dress doesn’t have to be difficult, but there are some key things you must keep in mind to ensure that your dress is a #fasionwin and not a #fashionfail

Firstly, Know What Your Dress Choices Are

When you’re looking to buy a Matric Dance dress in South Africa, a wide variety of options come up in various price categories, but it’s important you know that each option will have it’s own pro’s and con’s (Some more riskier than others)

Here Are The 4 Main Options You Have:

1. Buying Your Dress Online (Imported)
2. Buying Your Dress In A Store Off The Hanger
3. Buying Your Dress From A Designer (And Rentals)
4. Getting Your Dress Custom Made

So let’s get started…

Option #1: Buying Your Dress Online (Cheapest)

If you search on Google for Matric Dance dresses online, you will inevitably come across imported dress websites. These websites have absolutely stunning product photographs, making them look like a very good deal, but I would like to warn you to be very cautious.

While I do understand that you may not have a large budget, and thus need to look for a good deal, buying something like a Matric Farewell dress online is risky.

Knowing what I know about the costs of fabrics, I am certain that the dresses can’t be made from good quality fabrics and come in at that price point.

Another thing to remember, when you buy online, a 45% import duty is charged on the total of the garment and the shipping costs combined. In the end, this can be a much more expensive, cheap dress than you originally anticipated.

While some people have been happy with their orders, there are many horror stories, and it is very difficult to return or get a refund from a product that’s been shipped from China.

Option #2: Buying Your Dress In A Store Off The Hanger (More Affordable But Just As Risky)

The second option is to purchase a dress from one of the shop’s like YDE or Bride and Co. This is a good and affordable option as this way you can at least try it on and you know what you’re buying.

While they do offer a decent selection, the dresses you will find there are usually very standardized and look very similar, so an important tip is if you go with this option make sure you take the time to accessorize in a unique way.

The big risk involved with buying dresses off the hanger, is that you might show up to your Matric Dance wearing the same dress as someone else …or even multiple other girls (talk about embarrassing). Since this is usually the first place most girls look, this unfortunately happens a lot more often than you would think.

Option #3: Buying Your Dress From A Designer 

The third option one has is to buy a dress from a designer like myself, or have one custom made. While this is a more expensive option, it is also the safest in terms of being certain of the quality and individuality.

I personally do not make the same dress twice, so you know that no one could possibly arrive in your dress. If you are to go the custom route, a quotation will be given according to the design and fabrication selected, so you know what you’re paying for right from the start.

Recently, I have also started offering dress rentals. Which is a more affordable way to get a high quality dress for just the one night. (If you would like to know more about Molteno rentals, you can get in touch here)

So friends, if you are living in the Cape Town area and are on the hunt for the perfect Matric Dance dress, bare in mind all the pros and cons of the options you have and decide what is the best choice for you.

Whatever it is that you decide, I’m wishing you magical Matric Dance and I hope it leaves memories you will cherish forever!

– Rose Molteno

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