Molteno Couture

Many of us have experienced what it feels like to believe that the body we were given is not good enough. Whether it be that our tummy isn’t flat enough, our arms aren’t toned enough, or our hair isn’t straight enough, most of us have been conditioned to feel like we just don’t measure up. And if we looked differently, somehow that would make us more lovable, more worthy, have a better life, and so on.

At Molteno Couture, we understand what you are going through, and we want to stand up to this false belief system and boldly say: you enough, just the way you are! Your body image is a vital part of your emotional wellbeing and cannot be ignored.

We are here for every woman who has ever questioned herself or felt like she had to change her appearance to fit into some packaged idea of what “beautiful” is or conform to societal pressures just to feel accepted. Our mission is to support you in your journey towards loving yourself exactly as you are, no matter your age, race, shape, size, ethnicity, or sexual identity.

Rose’s personal journey towards self-acceptance has inspired her mission to helping other women do the same. She developed anorexia in her early teens and to this day experiences the daily struggle against her eating disorder and accompanying body dysmorphia. What she has realised over the past 12 years, is that most women suffer from some degree of body dysmorphia. This basically means what we see in the mirror is not always the same as what others see when they look at us.

We have a tendency to zoom in on parts of our body that we don’t like and obsess about them. There is no amount of someone else reassuring us that what we see isn’t there that will change that, and it is with that in mind, that Rose creates a uniquely accepting space for you to work with and around these things.

She believes in sharing stories that inspire positive change in others, and it is her mission to create bespoke dresses that empower women, honour their bodies, and help them feel comfortable in their own skin.

Ultimately, body positivity is about taking the pressure off ourselves to look a certain way, and instead recognising that we are worthy of love. We are worthy of being cared for, cherished, and valued just as we are.

At Molteno Couture, we want you to know that you will always be enough, regardless of your body type – that’s why we strive to provide size-inclusive, custom-made wedding and matric dance dresses that are made just for you.