Molteno Couture

Empowering women who dare to dream

Molteno Couture’s collections are designed with women who strive for originality in mind, and our goal is to help your individual style shine through in our bespoke dresses.

Undefeatable Love

For the independent, free-spirited bride

Are you a woman who loves a dash of colour, originality, and want to stand out on your special day? In our Undefeatable Love collection, each dress is defined by fine laces and hand beading, and using our dip-dyeing technique, we create a gorgeous watercolour effect – the result is ethereal, elegant, and simply sublime.

21st Century Goddess

Let your inner goddess shine

Would you describe yourself as a woman who’s not afraid to embrace her daring side? Well, then this collection will speak to you. It is as varied and unique as the 21st-Century bride, and you can choose from an array of fit and flares that fit your own personality and make you feel like the goddess that you are.

Defiant Romance

Modern details meet in timeless silhouettes

Are you looking for the perfect balance between classic and edgy? Here, our bridal designs combine a modern sensuality with the timeless, elegant appeal of lace, making it easy for you, the modern woman, to find a dress that appeals to you.

Fearless Love

Embracing your true beauty, confidence, and strength

Fearless women inspire us. They walk, talk, and love with a fierce integrity, pushing the limits of what it means to be feminine and strong. This is why we have created a collection that speaks to the fearless woman who is not afraid to show herself in all her glory and radiance as she walks down the aisle.

Islay Rose Bohemian

A celebration of individual style

If you’re bold enough to step away from the trappings of tradition and want to craft your own path, this is the perfect collection for you. Flowing dresses, hand-embroidered laces and delicate beading are carefully crafted by our team with love to create a boho collection for those of you who aren’t afraid to break the rules and express who you truly are.

Matric Dance Dresses

Simple, yet elegant and sophisticated matric farewell dresses for young women who have their finger on the pulse of fashion.

We have a extensive collections of exclusive unique/one-of-a-kind matric dance dresses for purchase only. (Of the rack) Fashionable, once-off, exclusive experience. And can be altered to the get the perfect fit.

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